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They debuted in 2012 and they are still perfect. Even without their leader Minwoo, they are 100% for their PERFECTION. Rockhyun, Jonghwan, Chanyong and Hyukjin about their lives and music career just for you.

Boys from the Korean group 100% have agreed to provide us with the exclusive interview. 100% debuted in 2012 in Andy Lee‚s (Shinhwa) agency TOP Media with seven members, but today they perform just in four. You can read more details about their charming personalities and interesting career from debut till now on our page or official site of their company. Please, do not forget to check and follow their profiles on Twitter (@top_100percent), Instagram (@100pergram), Facebook (@Official100percent), and Youtube (
And what about their confession for AsianStar? You can start reading now.
Hello 100%! I am an editress at and I am really glad that I can ask you a couple of questions about you and your music career. Firstly, could you, please, introduce yourselves to our readers?
ROCKHYUN: Hello, this is 100% ROCKHYUN. (안녕하세요, 백퍼센트 록현입니다)
JONGHWAN: Hello, I’m JONGHWAN, vocal of 100%. (안녕하세요, 백퍼센드의 보컬을 맡고 있는 종환입니다.) 
CHANYONG: Hi, I’m CHANYONG. (안녕하세요 찬용입니다)
HYUKJIN: Hello, I’m HYUKJIN, vocal of 100%. (안녕하세요 저는 백퍼센트의 보컬 혁진입니다.)

You debuted in 2012 in Korea but you also had activities during your pre-debut times. Do you remember what was special about your beginnings?
ROCKHYUN: I remember the moment when we were at the end of the year awards ceremony – in the year we debuted. It was really cold that day (- 15º C) and we had to perform on the outside-stage. But still, we were very happy. Thinking back in the day, I can smile and it makes me miss the day. (데뷔하고 그 해 연말시상식에 올랐던 순간이 기억나요. 너무 기뻤는데 영하 15도라는 강추위에 민소매 의상을 입고 야외 공연을 했어요. 아직도 그 때를 생각하면 웃음도 나오고 그립기도 해요.)
JONGHWAN: I remember TEEN TOP visited us to support us on the day of our debut in Music Bank. I felt glad that day. (뮤직뱅크 데뷔 때 틴탑이 응원 와준 기억이 있는데 좋았습니다.)
CHANYONG: We can say we debuted through reality first. We shot the reality program with TEEN TOP. (리얼리티로 먼저 데뷔했다고 보면 될 것 같다. 틴탑이랑 같이 리얼리티를 찍었다)
HYUKJIN: I remember being on diet for a better shape. (더 멋있어 보이기 위해 열심히 살을 뺀 기억난다.)

And could you tell us something about your propagation activities in Japan, which you have started in 2017? Your fans were really impressed, for sure, Oricon Daily Chart, Billboard Top Single Sale and the eighth place… Wow, fantastic, congratulations.
ROCKHYUN: New start in a new place always makes me nervous but it’s also very fluttering. I enjoy challenges and it was very touching when I saw Japanese fans waiting for us. (새로운 곳에서의 새 출발은 항상 떨리고 긴장돼요. 그렇지만 굉장히 설레기도 했어요. 도전을 좋아하는 것도 있고 일본 팬분들이 저희를 기다리고 있는 모습이 너무 감동이었어요.)
JONGHWAN: We could do our best thanks to our fans‘ support. Thank you. (여러분의 응원으로 힘을 받아서 잘 할 수 있었습니다 감사합니다.)
CHANYONG: Please send lots of love to our fifth single 28 °C. (이번 다섯 번째 타이틀곡 28도 많이 사랑해주세요)
HYUKJIN: I’m really glad that I can sing – which I like a lot – everyday. (좋아하는 노래를 매일매일 부를 수 있어서 좋다)

This year, you carried out four comebacks which made your PERFECTION really happy. Which of your so far revealed songs is your absolute favorite? Why? ROCKHYUN: Grand Bleu. It was a very meaningful activity for us and I’ll remember it for a long time. (그랑블루입니다. 큰 의미가 담긴 활동이였어서 오래도록 기억에 남을 것 같아요.)
JONGHWAN: Heart, it’s a song with good sound. (맘, 사운드가 참 좋은 노래)
CHANYONG: Heart, because the song is really exciting and it really strikes me. (맘이라는 곡인데요, 진짜 노래가 완전 신나고 취향을 저격합니다)

You always bring love to our lives through your songs and personalities. We are also impressed by your active participation in composing and writing your songs. Which concept is characteristic for you?
ROCKHYUN: Our objective is to show 100% in everything like our group name. Our special point is the live stage rather than the digital song. (이름 그대로 모든 면에서 백퍼센트를 보여주자는 게 목표여서 저희에게는 음원보다는 무대 위에서 라이브를 강점으로 두고 있어요.)
CHANYONG: Our concept is to do the live performance perfectly. (퍼포먼스를 보여주면서 라이브를 완벽하게 소화해내는 것)

Do you plan on continuing with this type of genre or would you like to explore different concepts?
ROCKHYUN: We don’t keep one concept. We want to show different sides of us. (네. 하나의 컨셉만을 고집하지 않고 항상 새로운 모습을 보여주고 싶어요)
CHANYONG: I want to challenge new concepts. (새로운 것에 도전해보고 싶다)
HYUKJIN: I would like to try new things while still having what we have. (지금 그대로 가지고 있으면서 새로운 것들도 많이 시도 해보고 싶어요)

Your latest comeback was really special. I remember that you said you had felt like it was your debut. Could you explain the reason to us?
ROCKHYUN: We prepared a lot and concentrated for the latest comeback. It was a new challenge as 4 and we were really nervous on the comeback stage. (그 어느 때보다 집중하며 준비했어요. 4명으로 새로운 도전이기도 했구요 컴백무대 때 정말 긴장 많이 했어요)
HYUKJIN: My heart itself was different. I felt like starting over again. (마음가짐이 남달랐던 거 같다 뭔가 새로 시작하는 느낌이 들었다)

And we have to say that we really love your music videos and excellent choreography. While listening to Heart and watching its MV, we feel like it is still summer. Fabulous. You once mentioned that choreography is really hard. Could you describe it for us? And we are amazed that despite your injuries, your stages and dance practice videos were impressive and we really enjoyed it.
ROCKHYUN: The moves are not big, but it is very detailed, meaning that we have to concentrate. If we do not concentrate, we cannot perform perfectly. So after the performance, we were beside ourselves. (움직임이 크지 않지만 정말 섬세하게 집중하고 추지 않으면 이 춤을 완벽하게 춤 출 수 없었어요. 그래서인지 한 번 추고 나면 정신이 없었어요)
HYUKJIN: We need to put lots of energy along with the dance, so it was very hard. (몸에 힘을 꽉 잡고 계속 이어가는 춤이라서 정말 힘들었다)

It is often said that people who work in the music industry have had a passion for music since childhood. Have you always dreamt about pursuing a music career?
ROCKHYUN: Yes. I would like to be a singer even in my next life. Music cheers me up when I’m going through hard days. (네, 저는 다시 태어나도 가수를 하고 싶어요. 지치고 힘들 때도 음악으로 힘을 얻는 것 같아요)
HYUKJIN: I saw lots of singers on TV with my sister when I was young. I liked the music programmes rather than anime and I used to sing alone when my friends went to play game. (어릴 때부터 누나와 함께 티비 속 가수들을 많이 봤다 만화영화 보다 음악프로그램이 좋았었고 친구들은 게임하러 가도 나는 노래방 가서 노래를 하며 놀았다)
Do you have any role models?
ROCKHYUN: Park Hyo Shin (박효신 선배님이요.)
CHANYONG: SHINHWA sunbaenim. I want us to be a long lasting group. (신화 선배님 입니다 오랫동안 장수하는 그룹이 되고 싶어요)
HYUKJIN: GOD, Kim Tae Woo sunbaenim (지오디 김태우 선배님)

What do you do in your free time? Do you have any hobbies or special and unusual interests?
ROCKHYUN: I watch movies, comics, and dramas. (영화, 만화, 드라마를 봐요)
JONGHWAN: Watch drama. (드라마를 많이 봤어요)
CHANYONG: I play games or just do nothing. (게임을 한다거나 아예 머리를 비우고 아무 생각하지 않아요)

We heard that you like watching movies. If you didn’t have the opportunity to become singers, what would you probably do? Have you ever thought about trying acting? Could you recommend us any movie or drama?
ROCKHYUN: I would like to challenge myself to acting if I have the opportunity. Titanic, a classic amazing movie. (연기 기회가 오면 도전해보고 싶어요. 또 봐도 멋진 영화 타이타닉이요)
CHANYONG: Yes, I would like to try acting if I got opportunities. I recommend Dead Poets Society. (네 기회만 있다면 연기해보고 싶어요. 추천하는 영화는 죽은 시인의 사회 입니다)

What is your biggest dream you would like to achieve? As musicians or in your personal life?
ROCKHYUN: Be the role model of someone. (제가 누군가의 롤모델이 되는 거요)
CHANYONG: Let everyone know our songs. (우리의 노래를 모든 사람이 알 수 있게 하는 것)

What about your plans for this year and future?
ROCKHYUN: I want to meet our fans as soon as possible. (팬분들 빨리 만나고 싶어요)
JONGHWAN: We are going to release our fifth single in Japan soon! Please send lots of support! (곧 일본에서 다섯 번째 싱글이 나오는데 많은 사랑 부탁드린다.)
HYUKJIN: I would like to compose a song and complete it! (곡을 하나는 꼭 써서 완성 하고 싶다!)

Czech and Slovak fans cannot wait to see you and we are also curious whether you know anything about our countries – the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. What about visiting Slovakia or Czech Republic just for a trip? Have you ever been here?
ROCKHYUN: Totally. I would like to travel there right now. (완전이요. 당장 가고 싶어요.)
CHANYONG: I think the name of the country itself is amazing and I would love to travel there too! (이름부터 굉장히 멋진 나라 라고 생각해요 꼭 가고 싶어요!)
HYUKJIN: I’ve never really had time to travel abroad. I would really like to travel. (해외여행을 제대로 해본적이 없는 것 같다 꼭 가보고 싶다)

Thank you very much for your time and for answering my questions. There are many more I would like to ask you but we hope we will be able to hear more great and positive news about 100% in the future. Is there anything you would like to tell your Czech and Slovak fans?
ROCKHYUN: We will go see you if we have the opportunity, so please send lots of love to 100%. Love you a lot, Czech and Slovak fans. (기회가 된다면 찾아 뵐 테니 백퍼센트 많이 사랑해주고 체코 팬분들 사랑해요)
JONGHWAN: I hope there’s a day I can visit and meet you, Czech and Slovak PERFECTION. (언젠가 가서 팬 여러분을 만날 기회가 있었으면 좋겠습니다)
HYUKJIN: Even though we are far away, please, remember, I always love our PERFECTION. (멀리 떨어져 있지만 퍼펙션 여러분 사랑합니다)
CHANYONG: Cheers to your eyes. (그대의 눈동자에 건배)

We wish you all the best in your future plans and we hope your dreams come true. Thank you a lot.

I would also like to thank the members of TOP Media PR&Marketing Dept. who were willing to mediate the interview via e-mails and helped us to ˈmeetˈ 100%. I REALLY APPRECIATE IT. Thanks a lot once again.

This article is also available in Slovak language. Please, check here.

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