Exclusive interview with Kamijo for AsianStyle: Not trying new things is like stopping breathing

Mima Kolcúnová
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Japanese singer Kamijo answered few questions for us shortly ahead of his European tour. He shared lot of interesting things about his career, fav movie and what is he preparing for us. He also sent message to all his Slovak and Czech fans.

Good day, Kamijo! This is asianstyle.cz and we’ve prepared a few questions for you. You are going to visit a lot of European countries this year during your tour. Are there some European countries which you would like to visit next time?
Kamijo: Bonjour! I want to go to all the countries. I know from Spotify that I have fans in every country.

France seems to be very unique to you as their history inspired your entire style from your image to the music you create. Do you remember exactly the point in your life where you said to yourself France is so special to you?
Kamijo: When I was a child, my mother used to listen to the music of French artist Paul Mauriat. It must have been around that time.

You often refer to vampires in your works. Have you read “Interview with the Vampire” by Anne Rice or some other of her Vampire Chronicles? What inspired you to have a vampire image?
Kamijo: Of course I read it. I love it. I will keep myself alive for the sake of what I love. I will not die before the one I love. I believe that vampires, with their eternal life, are the ultimate expression of man’s search for „love“.

What has been inspiring you lately? Could you also share some movie recommendations with us?
Kamijo: I have recently been inspired by the band members playing. It’s a great performance, very easy to sing along to. Film and drama stories are a great source of inspiration. Recently, I watched The Addams Family for the first time and was shocked.

Currently you are also performing as a solo artist. Is there something new you would like to try in your music?
Kamijo: Of course. Not trying new things is like stopping breathing. I have recently changed my singing style drastically.

Your latest full-length album release is ‚Oscar.‘ What are your personal favorite tracks from this album?
Kamijo: ‚NOBLESS OBLIGE‘ and ‚Avec toi – with you‘. In particular, ‚NOBLESS OBLIGE‘ is positioned as the eighth movement of ‚Symphony of The Vampire‘, so please look forward to the composition at the show.

What is your biggest achievement in the career of a musician? Do you have any dreams which you have not achieved yet?
Kamijo: The most important thing is that I met my loved ones (all my fans). I am proud that I was able to create an opportunity for those with the same sensibilities to meet through my music. I still have many unrealized dreams. It’s a secret (laughs).

Can we anticipate a new album soon? Or maybe another live album?
Kamijo: I‘m releasing a new mini-album in the summer and I can’t wait for you to hear the five new songs. We will also play some new songs on our European tour. Please come and listen to them as soon as possible.

Have you heard about Czech Republic and Slovakia? You also have a lot of fans here since the period of time when you were a part of Versailles. Is there something special you would like to tell them?
Kamijo: Of course I know. I’m very sorry I’m not coming on this tour. Please wait for me, I’ll be there one day! Thanks a lot!

We would like to thank EnvolProd for the opportunity to make interview with Kamijo.

Kamijo shared our interview on his personal Twitter account. Thank you!

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